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Magic moment of new life coming

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The very special moment needs a particular approach. With ADONIS own Maternity Hospitals your magic moments of baby birth will be remembered only for love, joy and kindness. Our highly qualified staff will surround you with comfort and care, while providing total control under your baby health. 

For mothers and their babies, the whole range of services are provided, including after delivery control and non-medical care. 

The main reasons to choose ADONIS Natural Delivery Programs are obvious:

  • Safety and Control 

Delivery process with specialists of different fields, including anesthesiologist (the anesthesia during labour can be provided on request). Your vital signs are represented on the special equipment of world-class, the full list of emergency help is ensured in case of extra situations. 

  • Total awareness and information provision  

Obstetrician-gynecologists consultation with a full range of information about the pregnancy and its nuances is provided. ADONIS cares about the mothers’ awareness even after delivery – breastfeeding consultations, newborn care advice, information about postpartum contraception and psychological support. 

  • Comfort and all around care 

For the best after delivery state, the highest comfort for mother and baby is ensured. Individual delivery room with up-to-date equipment (beds-transformers, medical facilities), accommodations with 24/7 medical and everyday care, constant monitoring of the health state. 

  • Medical assistance and examination 

Delivery process is a really complex and difficult process for the woman’s system. ADONIS provides after delivery examination to be sure of the total health of the happy mother. Obstetric care in accordance with the individual treatment plan. 

The special care for babies is also a must in ADONIS clinics. During the whole after delivery period you will be provided with medical support. ADONIS professor neonatologist consults the newborns and their mothers together with personal visits and calls. 

The highest quality of ADONIS services is your key to successful delivery and healthy babies. 

Intimacy of the moment

Baby birth is a very important and crucial experience in people’s lives. ADONIS takes care of this special moment for future parents, that’s why the partner’s delivery is offered for everyone (in case there are no medical contraindications and extra situations). 

The special possibility of the first “skin-to-skin” contact when a father/partner meets a newborn. The specially designed operation theater gives the opportunity for a partner to support women in labour during the whole process. Because we believe that such a magic moment should be welcomed together.

ADONIS Maternity Hospitals are the new age technological accommodations and medical support. The safety of the mother and newborn is our main priority. 

The green ecological zone will surround you before and after your most important moments. Choose the best variant for you, according to medical indications, individual preferences and even location. 

ADONIS clinics are a place of safety for you and your future baby!

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