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Become a Social Media Influecner on Kindda

Are you one of the people affected by the TikTok ban in India or other countries? For many social media platforms are not only a source of entertainment but a source of income as well. Despite this, still, you can make money by posting videos and photos online! Think about it – if you could get a free reward just for posting a video of yourself dancing, why not do it!? Kindda is the newest video and photo-sharing app that lets you turn your social media activity into real money!

Introducing Kindda Reward Program

Kindda is launching a month-long Kindda Heroes contest. At the end of the competition, 100 Top Influencers will be chosen to work with the social media platform. Don’t miss this chance at an actual online job. 

Get a job: https://bit.ly/36JYV82

The 100 active users on Kindda who will be chosen will win a 3-month contract of $100 monthly salary with the social media platform to produce content and refer the app to their friends. Here’s how to take a part:

  •  Download the Kindda app and create an account 
  •  Post a minimum of one video every day 
  •  Explore the content Kindda has to offer and browse
  •  Use the referral link to recommend Kindda to your friends from other social media apps.

Start building your following by posting two unique videos a day. Helping your friends who you’ve invited to join Kindda learn how to use the app, and enjoy your time on the app!

While all this is going on, you will be building your brand, growing your audience and building a loyal fanbase that will support all future content you create. To take the first step toward achieving your influencing goals, click here.


Kindda Team

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